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"Free" mail service is a deceptive package - a warning ... 
Wednesday, December 25, 2013, 03:30 PM
Posted by Administrator
Years ago, I have taken a free mail service,, because I needed a second mail address for registering some programs etc.

I have taken this account also for playing an online game.
Now, 14 days earlier, informed me, that it's not free anymore, instead, I have to pay approx. 7 Euros per month, and I have to take at least 6 month at once.
This change will be effective from January 1st 2014.
Regardless of the real short warning period, the minimum period of time I have to purchase (6 month!) and with that exorbitant high price. So I got a new problem, because my game vendor are not willing to change the email address of the game account in a few days. In fact, I am not sure they will change it fast enough, and then I can't receive any confirmation mails anymore.
The maliciousness of this is, that both, mail provider and game vendor, will not work hand in hand and so the only one who will be spoofed is me.
I guess the game vendor has enough players so they are not interested in keeping customers (who paid money for the game) anymore.
Unfortunately that game was the only one I got some fun while playing at the moment.

The bottom line: Do not trust in free mail providers.

P.S.: has a sister company, (so I don't recommend them, too)

P.P.S.: I managed to tranfer my above mentioned game account. It's now tied together with a new mail-account - but not a "free" mail-account anymore, and no, not an expensive danish one.
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