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About me

Well, I do not like to self exhibit me, but a short description of myself should not be a mistake.

I am already in my early "fifties", but that should not be really surprising because writing about such an old stuff needs some expirience.

In 1987 I finished my 'university of applied science' engineer degree in 'computer science' (can't translate this well, in germany it's called 'Diplom Informatiker').

In the years between 1987 and 1995 I worked as a system administrator for Unix and programmer ('C', Oracle Pre-Compiler, Uniface, MS Access) in a publishing house for economical figures, product catalogues and stock charts.

After a short intermezzo 1995 at the german press agency I joined a production IT team for 2 years in a bigger manufacturing company.

After this, I entered the central IT dept. as a senior IT consultant and designed strategical IT solutions (WAN, application management and development strategy, evaluation of new technologies etc). I was also responsible for managing several outsourced IT services (ITIL compliant) and I offered internal consulting for giving answers for technical and security requests which are related to the whole company group/IT strategy. Now I'm working as a IT security & compliance manager.

My dream job ? It would be absolutely interesting working for a big hardware or software vendor convincing company decision makers for generating business success with the help of IT - nothing else will be more efficient than using the right solution at the proper place at the right time (no question clever adoption of IT solutions is the key factor for business success).
It would be also interesting to work in depth with security tools and in the field of 'reverse engineering'.

My dream ? World peace. No violence. Responsible handling of ressources to protect our common environment - our earth. Human rights for all. Freedom of speech and the right for privacy for all (no 'big brother'). I know... too much. But not kidding.

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