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Flea Market
Some parts or computer I want to sell:

1.  TI 74-S BASIC pocket computer
    (condition: working, pretty ok)
2.  Gameboy Printer with paper roll
    (condition: almost unused, but can't test it, no Gameboy here)
3.  Atari 400/600/800 (XL) Galaxian game cartridge
    (condition: almost unused, working)

4.  C64 CP/M cartridge with Z80
    (condition: working with older bread boxes, not with C64-II)

5.  IBM Thinkpad 600E with CD-ROM and external Floppy Disk Drive
    (condition: pretty ok, working perfectly, great hardware)
6.  IBM Thinkpad 360 (TFT VGA Color) with Floppy Disk Drive
    (condition: one corner from the computer case a bit damaged,
     but perfectly working)
7.  Apple Macintosh LC (without ADB keyboard)
    (condition: perfectly working, pretty ok)

8.  Sharp ZQ 2764 with PC interface and PC software
     (condition: working and pretty ok)
9.  Several 5.25" Floppy Disk Drives from TEAC and other vendors
     (condition: all drives working, but of course really old)
10. Several DRAM chips from 16KB to 256KB
11. Some SCSI controller for 16bit ISA-bus and for PCI-bus
12. Two Amstrad NC100, one power supply and one 2MB SRAM PCMCIA card which can be used by the Amstrad NC100.

If you are interested and living in Germany (or in European Countries which uses Euro as currency), do not hesitate to contact me, will send also photos if wanted, and are willing to exchange also parts instead of payment with money. Please understand I do not like to figure out how to send it to other countries outside Germany/Europe (Euro countries), or how to pay it without "Euro".

Some parts or computer I want to buy:

1. SCSI 50pin Hard Disk Drives below 1GB capacity (and working)
2. IBM Monitor 5151, 5153, 5154
    (all these old MDA, CGA or EGA ones, but hopefully working)
3. all kind of old CP/M computers, please ask


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