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D64 format 
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Commodore 64 disk format .D64
  Tools for handling, used for CP/M content too ...


How to open and manage D64 disk image files

There are a dozen of programs which can manipulate/use .D64
(and .D71) disk image files. This is necessary to transfer single files from and to a PC filesystem. Some are running even with a real floppy disk drive.

Run with Windows:
64er Commander
D64-Pro (mirrored here, because original site is permanently down)
DirMaster 2.2
DirCBM - not a standalone program but a Total Commander plugin
can use physically connected 1541/1571 drives

Run with DOS:
Star Commander - can use physically connected 1541/1571 drives
Trans64 - can use physically connected 1541/1571 drives, too

To transfer .D64 - images to and from your PC, you need a special cable and one of the programs which can handle physically connected drives, and of course an external CBM disk drive with IEC bus, aka the 1541 or the 1571.
A description for the popular XE1541 cable can be found at sta.c64.org, but you can buy it on Ebay as well. There are many other cable types, too. Most of them are using a Parallel Port.
You can use also an USB adapter (with a microcontroller Atmega8-16), which is named XU1541.

How to use/manipulate D64 CP/M disk images

My first try of a C64 - CP/M 2.2 disk image reader program
(disk image writer program will follow when I have time)

Just start the program and pick up the D64-Image file of a CP/M floppy.
After the program shows you all directory entries, use the window slider at the right side if necessary, do not click on a row until you want to save the file.
Directory extends (always exist when the size of a file exceeds 16 KByte) are fully implemented, to save a file with one or more extends, click on the filename without an asterisk ('*') at the beginning. USER numbers/partitions are ignored.

I have decided to publish the source code also (included), it's written in Delphi (Object Pascal, I took the free Turbo Delphi Explorer Version now, see also here). Writing (adding) files to a D64 image file is not implemented fully - see readme.txt inside the ZIP file. If you want to finish the program, feel free to do so (it's well commented), but remember the first author, me, always (see readme.txt also)  ;-)

The Zip'ed program file: C64CPM.ZIP

And here a screenshot of the working program:

There is also a command line based tool for MSDOS (and LINUX) named "ctools 0.4" to process Commodore CP/M disk images at zimmers.net.
At command line prompt, use the above mentioned ctools collection of DOS (and LINUX if you like) programs with appropriate parameters (see ctools.cat in docs subdirectory of ctools04.zip for hints) and you will be able to add or extract CP/M files from the CP/M .D64 image file.


... to show a directory:
C:\CPMFILES>ctools example.d64 d
... to get all files with pattern *.com from image into current directory:
C:\CPMFILES>ctools example.d64 g *.com
... to put all files with pattern *.com from current directory into image:
C:\CPMFILES>ctools example.d64 p *.com

New: There is another possibility to transfer CP/M files from a C64-CP/M disk to a C128 or even MS-DOS disk. Try Big Blue Reader for C128/C64 with the help of a C64/C128 emulator like WinVICE.


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