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Another rare CP/M portable from Televideo... 
Friday, September 19, 2008, 12:11 AM
Posted by Administrator
Had time to search for several topics, and suddenly I found a hint about a not so well known CP/M 2.2 portable computer (less famous):

A Televideo TPC-I, not really portable (with a similar weight as the Osborne 1) but still an "all-in-one" CP/M machine.

More infos at

I have to collect more data about it, because there was surprisingly also a GSX-80 implementation available for this computer (this is rare).

Also, I thought about, to add info pages not only for the Televideo above, but also for the Epson PX-8 (because it was also a CP/M portable).

The pages about the Z-80 Video Pak from "Data 20 Corporation" for the C64 was also very interesting, because I collected many infos about CP/M 2.2 for the C64 already, but missed this "pearl" (but the cartridge seems to be very rare).

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Such a cute portable ... and unreachable still (to rare, to expensive...) 
Saturday, August 9, 2008, 10:39 AM
Posted by Administrator
Still dreaming of a Otrona Attache portable CP/M computer, it's very handy (for 1982) and despite of this is still a full featured machine.
This picture shows another model with different floppy disk drives compared to the one I already have shown at ...
I have seen a few in Ebay shops in the US, but they are really expensive (up to $ 400) and this is not what I looked for unfortunately.
But still, it's amazing to see such one and dream ...

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Vintage computer pages disappearing again and again.... 
Monday, August 4, 2008, 08:28 PM
Posted by Administrator
It happens... I talked about it a few blog entries before already....

Miguel's Amstrad software and compiler pages seems to be lost (I mirrored his MESCC Small C variant now) ...

Randy McLaughlin's S-100 Manuals Site is gone also

May be somebody mirrored Randy's pages already, but I didn't found any mirror yet.

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Many interesting documents (e.g. PDF) can be found at 
Thursday, July 31, 2008, 05:57 PM
Posted by Administrator
Many of you already know that there is a gold mine for old (often scanned) documents at , users and service manuals and other technical documents as well.
If not, try it (see reated link below), it's amazing what can be found there !!!
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Back from holidays, a Philips P2012 with a CoPower card is waiting... 
Tuesday, July 29, 2008, 10:15 AM
Posted by Administrator
I was really happy getting back from holidays and finding a big package in my house corridor - a Philips P2012 equipped with a CoPower 8088 card, which make it possible to run not only Z80 based CP/M 2.2 but also MS-DOS 2.11 on the coprocessor card (THANKS TO
Initial problems with non booting "boot diskettes" slowed my enthusiasm a bit down, but a bit later I was able to boot with the 508KB RAMDisk (for CP/M 2.2!) and also with MS-DOS 2.11, see my new pictures at the Philips P2000 pages also. I am still curious if a newer version of MS-DOS exists for the Philips P20xx series ... still searching for it. Any hints welcome ;-)

Below a picture of the "booted" MS-DOS on a Philips P2012:

The CoPower Card:

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