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Elektor ("Elektuur") SC/MP - the real device and the emulator 
Thursday, November 8, 2018, 12:00 PM
Posted by Administrator
Somebody told me his father had experimented with the SC/MP processor many years ago, so I pleased him to look after this again. He found the "archived" boards, and now he handed over this to me. This is great, because the CPU is already about 43 years old, and very rare.
I will try to make photos from it, and also to run it again.
Unfortunately the first thing I have to figure out is what happened with the power supply, which looks a bit exotic and perhaps the capacitors are already died, too.

While looking for documents about the SC/MP, I found some hints about a website, which offered also an emulator. Unfortunately the author of the website, Sipke de Wal, already died in 2004.
So I tried to find it on and yes, I found something about it here:
But the emulator can't be downloaded anymore (written in Visual BASIC 6.0), so if anybody knows where to find "", plz inform me.

Sipke wrote about the availability of the emulator in 2001, see also

Picture of the emulator:

The dutch Elektuur magazine from 1977 can be found here:

The archived english versions can be found here:
Look for the issues 11-1977 to 03-1978 for the SC/MP system itself,
later issues covering cassette interface and other extensions

A really nice photo can be found here:

Some other sites also referring to SC/MP related informations, see related link.

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