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New Toy: Macintosh Colour Classic (aka Color Classic) 
Tuesday, March 19, 2013, 07:00 PM
Posted by Administrator
After my short intermezzo with a Mac SE/30, I tried my luck with a Macintosh Colour Classic.
This machine, untruly called the ugly duck of all all-in-one Macs, has a real cute Trinitron color display CRT, and in contrast to a Macintosh Plus or a Macintosh SE, has also a LC PDS slot for some real interesting expansion cards. Btw - it was also the first Mac with a build-in microphone.
You need an external Apple CD-ROM drive for easy MacOS installation also.

At the moment only 8MB of RAM are recognized, but for MacOS 7.5.5, this is enough for work. I am still trying to get 10MB (this is unfortunately already the limit).
For more infos about RAM compatibility, take a look at

I was also thinking about installing MacOS 7.1.1, but too many convinient features are missing in MacOS 7.1.1, and some programs require at least MacOS 7.5 ...

Meanwhile I got the Apple IIe card also. I am very curious about the results working with this card, which can fully emulate an Apple IIe without any compatibility issues.

To work with a 5.25" floppy drive, I have to solder my own drive cable adapter with a rare 26pin D-SUB connector, but this should be manageable.

For more infos about this card, visit
or better ... ecard.html ...

I will post my results with this card asap also in this blog, be patient.
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