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Finally after several tries I managed it.... my Highscreen Organizer aka Zeos Pocket PC runs CP/M programs 
Thursday, October 28, 2010, 06:30 PM
Posted by Administrator
It was not easy.
I tried to use INTERLNK/INTERSVR several times, but it fails every time:
As you know, I set up a virtual machine with Windows 98 SE ... INTERSERVER was running.
But the connection between the two computer can't be established. May be it was not only related with the Nullmodem-cable but also with missing handshake signals. I don't know.

But I remembered my SRAM PCMCIA card which I used in my Amstrad NC100... I inserted a fresh lithium battery and then inserted the card into my Highscreen organizer.
I was able to format the "IC Card" (the memory card) and also was able to copy files onto it.

What a surprise when I plugged the card into my Notebook....
I had to search for a driver first.
I got one at the transcend website ( ... _Win2k.exe ).
The drive itself was mounted, but the format of the media was not recognized.
So I had to use Cardware Software to get a raw image from the PCMCIA memory card.
A trial version can be downloaded at .

After having a raw image of the pcmcia SRAM card, I was able to use WinImage to read (and write) files from (or to) it.
I also inspected the boot sector of the image, yes it was FAT12:

It was not possible to read or write the card with Windows XP only.
May be it's related with FAT12. You can't even FORMAT FAT12 media via Windows XP.

Ok, anyway, I managed to get 22NICE (1.42) to the Pocket PC, but also Turbo PASCAL 3.0 and BASIC for CP/M-80. With the 22NICE utility "GENCOM" I was able to generate appropriate loader .COM files for the CP/M-programs, so finally I was able to run CP/M-80 programs on the device.

And the speed is at least similar to a Kaypro IV, means enough for serious work.

BASIC-80 running on it:

Added later: There is also a Windows Vista/7 (trial) version of Cardware Software which can be downloaded at ...
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