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Cool ... an Apple II, a SD/MMC card for storage, a Z80 CPU, 80 columns card, all together implemented in an FPGA prototype 
Friday, January 30, 2009, 08:00 PM
Posted by Administrator
Amazing what is possible !
An Apple II and some peripheral stuff, fully equipped, and almost 100% compatible, but not running on old hardware - it can be done with a prototype board (Altera/Terrasic DE1 board).

Alex Freed did that ... his first steps began earlier with his FPGApple, Pseudodisk and other fine ideas, now he began to create an improved version.
See for more details.

Wonderful ! If he finishes his implementation of the Z80 part also (to use it with CP/M), for sure I am really interested.

Inspiration comes also from this site: so be curious and take a look also there.

The development board costs about $ 150, this is not too much if all planned functionality can be used.

URL has changed meanwhile, see link at the bottom.
Also, there is another site already offering a full blown Apple IIe in FPGA:
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