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Updated PX-8 ROM and really NEW Epson PX-8 Geneva devices still available ... 
Thursday, September 16, 2010, 09:26 AM
Posted by Administrator
I've created an EPSON PX-8 ROM with a modified Turbo PASCAL 3.0 main compiler file.
I was trying to work with the "original" version but due to the very small RAM Disk size, even .BAK files which are created automatically are too much.
So I patched it in a way that no Backup file is anymore generated.
See at my >Epson PX8 page< for an updated file.

Btw. there is an interesting blog entry which describes also how to obtain a NEW Epson PX-8 machine. And that's true - Star Technology aka Notebook Supplies is still offering that at:

See here for the above mentioned blog entry (from 2009):
> ... -gene.html<

And I am still looking for a source of that really rare 28-pin Molex carrier (p/n 50-39-5288), found some offer, but when I'm trying to order them, these parts are not available then :-(

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Recommended vintage computer pages... 
Saturday, August 28, 2010, 11:00 AM
Posted by Administrator
Yes, no new technical entry.

But one brainteaser for you: What's that ?

Please comment or send me an email.

Instead of "googling" again and again, I am posting a few very interesting pages here, which are living (no static pages since years):

This site has tons of small articles about interesting vintage hardware stuff.
Most recommended!

Still with a living community.

German board, sometimes seems to be dying (no more new entries), but then all of a sudden some interesting entries can be found you didn't find anywhere else.

Very interesting entries - most of them also hardware related ;-)) ... s-and-80s/

Not a site, but a nice blog entry about computer ads from the seventies.

... btw if you're interested on more ad's ->

Interesting site with a broad spectrum ;-)

Last but not least, nice, but unfortunately no new entries since a year.

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Interesting device for (real, not emulated) old CP/M computer : A "serial" mass storage (uDRIVE-uSD-G1) 
Thursday, August 12, 2010, 07:59 PM
Posted by Administrator
Can be seen here:

You only need a power supply with 3.6V-5.5V.
It has a serial interface (TTL levels) with auto-baud feature from 300 to 256K baud rates.
You can use microSD cards up to 2GB (formatted with FAT16).
It's very small and should fit in any vintage computer case.

The price is really fair - $29 is not really expensive.
I've even found a distributor in Europe ( ).
If you're curious about the commands you have to send, take a look into this PDF:

You have to add a MAX232 or a similar chip for converting voltage level to RS232.

P.S.: Meanwhile I have created an own page for it, see here.

P.P.S.: 4D Systems does not sell nor produce it anymore. Milford Instruments sells it now (search for udrive on their web page).
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CP/M Walnut Creek CD download possibilities... didn't found so many ...  
Sunday, August 8, 2010, 09:00 PM
Posted by Administrator
Have added a download possibility of the CP/M Walnut Creek CD here.

Many (not all) files can be found also here.
The original Simtel website doesn't offer these files anymore, see here.

A few rare files can be found also here.

It's a pitty that there are not many other possibilities.

Because of popular demand - here are some other links, and with a full BEEHIVE branch: (BEEHIVE missing) (BZIP2 compressed archive)

Added later: There's another ISO image at available.
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A shrinked Altair 8800 as a replica - very nice (still need screenshots of the working system) 
Saturday, May 8, 2010, 09:00 PM
Posted by Administrator
Vince Briel developed already a lot of other interesting things like a working Apple I replica and a KIM replica (of course 6502 based, not 8080 or Z80).
Now he had a brilliant new idea ... building an Altair replica (with an emulated 8080 cpu based on an ATMEL AVR) ... I was a bit sceptical because an ATMEL CPU isn't a number cruncher monster, but it seems to work - hopefully at least with the speed of the original machine.
Also, I am curious about running CP/M on that machine, did not see any comment so far about it.

Here are the specifications:

Emulated 8080 run at speed or faster than original
32K RAM with BASIC loaded at power up (still in the works may have to load from SD card)
VGA or composite TV video output to a monitor
PS/2 keyboard
SD card slot to load/store software through terminal section
Battery option (not tested, may not work well with so many LEDís)
Diode circuit protection for battery/DC input.

Very nice design also, because you do not need an external terminal, just a VGA monitor and a PS/2 keyboard. Hopefully this project will get finished with a full success.
If anybody has seen screenshots from the working system (screen with CP/M or BASIC...), let me know where...
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